About us

We are a friendly club catering for all standards in this most fascinating of games and visitors can always be sure of a warm welcome. Please bring a partner with you. We meet every Wednesday with play commencing at 7.30pm, so come along by 7.15pm to say Hello, pay your fees and find a space. Very rarely do we have a full house, in which case priority is given to members. We usually finish just before 11.00pm. There are not many forms of entertainment where you can be so completely absorbed and entertained for a whole evening on your own doorstep so cheaply!

Our fees

Bridge fees Price per Year
20.00 (which includes the Social fee element).


Other facts about the club

We are fully affiliated to the English Bridge Union (EBU) and issue master points for all events. These enable you to establish an internationally recognised level of play if you join the EBU, which most members do. Our range is from 'Kitchen Bridge' to Tournament Master (with most people playing a bit of both!).

We have a lot of club competitions through the year and also participate in 'Simultaneous' competitions in which on a given evening thousands of pairs play the same hands nationwide. Scoring is done on the internet and it is great to see the club members' names appearing in the lists.